The Truth About Loving Your Life

Loving your life is when you experience being in your body and enjoying every bit of your life. Numbness is the opposite.

Let’s face it, we all experience numbness. However, the scale is different. It hurts me to say that numbness is the norm for most women. This numbness is the result of culture, religion, society, relationships, family, work and so on. Does your worth lay in how hard you work, what you accomplish, and how great a mother, wife, and friend you are?

The good news is you can ‘unlearn’ those norms. Numbness is no way to live.

If you are reading this post this far, this means you are ready to live your life differently. How about experiencing being in your body and enjoying every bit of your life?

Answering the following questions can defiantly help you and believe me when I tell you, writing it down the answer 100% increases the success of Loving Your Life.
• What would you do to experience being in your body?
• What would you do differently to enjoy every bit of your life?

Please share your answers in the comments to keep you accountable and empower others, you never know!

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