How to Find Your Inner Magic

Our magic is behind integrating with what our heart wants and the mind follows with action to accomplish with celebration.

My husband keeps challenging me as to why I like the word magic. He relates it to a mysterious or supernatural force, which isn’t within us.

I believe in God. We’re all beautifully, wonderfully, and magically made. In this case, our magic can be defined as our dream, creativity, and our hearts coming to light. The heart faithfully pumps out truth and authenticity. The mind is truly a magical creative coordinator behind the inception of our dreams. Most of the time the integration between the heart and mind is interrupted by ego, fear, and self-doubt.

“From my experience, I want to say that you should follow your heart, and the mind will follow you” – Kailash Satyarthi
Below are 4 steps you can start taking towards finding your inner magic.

List down what you want? Get your pen and paper, find a quiet space, ask your heart what do you want and get quiet. Write them down what comes from your heart.
What would you feel if you had the one you listed above? It could be joy, happiness, fulfilment, empowerment, freedom and so on. Be true to yourself and write down what would make you happy.
Start working on a positive mindset. Be in a beautiful and positive space in your life, especially when any negative thoughts you have are loud. This is a great step for working on fear, ego, and self-doubt. What are the small but significant steps you could take right now? List them and get to it. You will see your magic coming alive.
Celebrate you! Yes, you have full permission to go celebrate you! Celebrate yourself in any way that makes you feel accomplished and happy. Go dancing, swimming, to a workshop that inspires you, the spa and so on. Enjoy, celebrate and refresh your mind!
Repeating the steps over and over will become part of your lifestyle and help discover Magical You!

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