Become the woman you are born to be

This 6 session masterclass; Price 6,500/-  ($65)

Everything you need to win at work, live with joy,

Lead with grounded confidence and leave Legacy!

This program is all about to help you grow personally and professionally, despite the challenges along the way.

Who is it for?

You want to be creative or contribute in a meaningful way. You want to be loving and kind, because of you genuinely care for people. You want to be productive because you aspire for bigger goals and ambitions. And you want to do it all with JOY, GRACE and CONFIDENCE!


But then life happens!


People say and do things and you get triggered

There’s so much on your plate you start burning out

You think about pursuing your dreams but self-doubt kicks in. Do I have anything to share? Will I ever succeed? Have I wasted my life?

Your inner critic gets loud. Really loud.

STOP! Nothing’s wrong with you!


You’re struggling because you’re a woman. This means you’re conscientious and you’re a paradox.

You want to do right by others. You want to make a difference in whichever way speaks to your heart. And you want to do it in a way that also honors your personal life and self-expression.

Everything is right about you.

And it’s just what the world needs.

But there’s little out here that’s curated to help you live a soulful and heart-centered life, while pursuing your highest potential. 

Your voice and ideas, your presence and leadership are critical at this time.

For your family or community,

For your business or the department you work in,

For your health, well-being, success and fulfillment.

And I’ve got you covered.

Because it’s time for–You to be the woman you are Born to be!


One more thing…

The world is resetting (2020). It’s calling for a different kind of life and leadership than the one we’re been living. Its calling for deeper connection with who we are, what we value, and how we want to show up. It’s calling YOU, brilliant and conscientious woman, to step off the burn out ladder and come radiantly alive.

You’re needed now more than ever.



I’ve been inspiring and coaching hundreds of women to take charge of their personal and professional growth through science-backed strategies.

AND I’ve been doing it alongside them.

Because like you, I’m a messy paradox of multiple selves, passions, roles and responsibilities, and struggle to live fully. And like you, I long for more — more joy, more authenticity, more impact, but sometimes just want to crawl back into the masks that make me feel safe.

I see you. I get you. Because I AM you.

In this program, I bring you the latest research, practical training, evidence-based resources, and endless support and motivation to help you live and love with passion, honor your struggles, and grow toward your most successful life.

Because we all need help to do so.

The Masterclass road-map of women’s flourishing!

  1. Self-worth and courage: No more agonizing over every decision, or beating down on yourself for not meeting your own standars. Youll grow the most critical inner container of unconditional love and acceptance
  2. Trusting relationships: – Instead of pleasing, seeking approval or being hooked on praise, you’ll nurture healthy relationships where you as comfortable asking for what you need, as you are willing to help.
  3. Energy and confidence:- stop comparing yourself to others or feeling you don’t have what it takes to pursue your goals. You’ll own your streangths, have clarity of vision and keep striving toward purposeful goals
  4. Joy and fulfillment: – The contentment that comes from living with intention is priceless! You’ll stop being tossed around by distractions or other people’s moods and agendas and stay focued on what’s important.

Every sale helps!

A portion of each sale is donated to charity!

As a mother, a coach, and a role model I believe in helping others when necessary. That is why a portion of each sale goes to a good cause. I also regularly support for example Treehouse children home

No Refund policy

No Refund Policy: This course is 100% digital. We believe immediate action, commitment and follow-through creates energy and momentum . we have found that clients who do not have the option to back out of their commitment get much better result.