Take Charge of Your Life! Achieve Clarity! Define Your Own Success and Craft the Life You Love!

My name is Rebeka Teshome

I am a personal development coach. As a coach, it is my role to support you to build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be by holding space for you to dig into your internal resources for deep transformation. My gift of empowering women was born when I had my first child, where I encountered loneliness, the need for connection, the desire for clarity of purposes, and saw the importance of receiving support at this time.

Your inner strength is your outer foundation!

Power Up

There are areas of your life that are not as you would like them to be and you are committed to transforming them as quickly as possible. You have self-discipline and are willing to take powerful action to expect powerful results. This program includes a complimentary 60-minute consultation and 6 sessions (60 minutes each) over 3 months.

Renewal Program

It begins with a commitment to put yourself and your needs first. .Focusing on principles that will gently guide you to more energy, more clarity, and renew a sense of possibility for you and your life. This program includes a complimentary 60 minutes consultation and 12 sessions (each 1 hour) over 6 months

Group Coaching

Are you willing and want to achieve clarity in your life, define your own success, and craft the life you love? With collective teams and topics, we offer career, health, wellness and fitness, community, relationship, creativity, business, personal and spiritual self-development

Coaching consultancy

Consult a coach who will provide knowledge about personal focus that allows for insight and understanding of your situation. My work is structured and tailored to navigate the hurdles that are unique to you

 1 Session

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Insight & Articles

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